When there's more to successful Change than Project Delivery


Increasingly, managers at all levels across organisations are becoming aware of their legal and moral responsibilities when strategic change is being undertaken. Indeed, the CSFI 'Banking Banana Skins' survey, to which Boedromion has been a long term contributor, has listed Change Management in its top twenty risks for the last three years. Outside banking, other organisations have suffered reputational damage from failed programmes.


Today there are many methodologies and frameworks for the delivery of programmes, but -

  • are they the right programmes?
  • will they really deliver the benefits predicted?
  • will the organisation embrace the change, or even understand it?


In response to these challenging questions and the potential damage to organisations that failures create, Boedromion has distilled over 30 years of experience and success to create its Forensic Change Management ( 'FCM' ) service.


Why Forensic? Today the legal ramifications of getting strategic change wrong are growing exponentially, so we set out to design a framework based on repeatable processes which demonstrate that change has been delivered in a considered and controlled environment.


Bridging the gap between Strategy and Delivery; this approach examines, tests and structures a strategic change to ensure that the delivery programme has the maximum chance to deliver the desired results. Supported by an online toolkit, our consultants work in a structured, consistent and flexible way to ensure that every client receives a tailored service. 





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